Our meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Platform of the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats

Family Values

  • Access to high-quality, affordable public education
  • Access to high-quality universal childcare and healthcare
  • Compassionate immigration policies that support family unification
  • Access to family planning and support services
  • Workplace rights for families and parents
  • A healthy and sustainable environment free from pollution and toxins
  • Support of LGBT+ families, single parents, and individuals

Community Safety

  • Sensible criminal justice reforms
  • Development of housing and services for those without homes
  • Supporting environmental protection policies that ensure the safety of our community
  • Comprehensive crime prevention, diversion, and rehabilitation
  • Community-based policing and effective citizen oversight of public safety agencies
  • Protection of all residents regardless of immigration status

Responsible Government

  • Increased responsiveness to community needs
  • Sound fiscal policies for our city governments
  • Support of a more sustainable and ecologically just environment
  • Investment in community development and infrastructure
  • Fair and generous support of our veterans

Economic and Business Development

  • Fostering responsible economic development
  • Pursuing environmentally sound business development
  • Supporting small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Providing access to vocational training for a 21st-century workforce
  • Promoting growth in access to homeownership and rental housing
  • Increased opportunity for gainful employment paying a living wage

Furthering Democratic Values

  • Representing our community in the politics of the Oxnard area and beyond
  • Supporting ethical and just government reforms
  • Furthering the election of local community leaders
  • Advancing within our community the core values and goals of the Democratic Party