Our meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Below are our leaders who can be contacted at GreaterOxnardDems@gmail.com or by calling us at (805) 233-3396.

Executive Board 2023-2024

President: Maria Navarro 
1st Vice President for Club Program: Sandy Diaz
2nd Vice President for Political Outreach:  Sharon Damerell
Secretary: Ryyn Schumacher

Treasurer: Roni Miranda

Appointed Members & Committee Chairs:

Parliamentarian: Angel Garcia 

Legislative Issues: Open 
Environment: Sharon Voigt Damerell
Hospitality: Sharon Voigt Damerell
Local Government: Bryan Rodriguez
Scholarship: Onieta Hirata
Communications: Kyle De La Torre

Newsletter: Maria Navarro 
Development/ Finance: Roni Miranda
Membership: Jon Huycke 

Field Operations: Sharon Damerell

Club Historian: Open 

Social: Sandy Diaz

Diversity & Inclusion: Steven Auclair