Our meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month.


Founded on May 23, 1989

Our Mission

The Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats is dedicated to advancing social and economic progress, coalition building, empowering political action, electing Democrats, fostering civic engagement, and advocating for Democratic Party policies that advance a more just future in Greater Oxnard and beyond. 

Our Vision

All residents of Greater Oxnard should have the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to be engaged in the civic process of building a healthy and sustainable future.

Our Values

We believe in democracy, securing human rights through equality, inclusiveness, tolerance, justice and prosperity for all. We center our club on our values for our organizational culture and actions: 

  • Enact Social Change through Action
  • Are Intentionally Community-centered
  • Advance Diversity and Inclusivity 
  • Embody Dignity and Respect for all 
  • Embrace Innovation and Collaboration

We will advance our platform including: 

Modern Family Values, Community Safety, Responsible Government, Economic and Business Development, and Democratic Values.